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Jan Bernardini Law can assist you in matters ranging from the preparation of a simple will to a complex trust administration. Our philosophy is that we can help clients at various life stages. 

Minor Children: When a young couple has their first child, often the need for a simple will and powers of attorney arises. They might consider whom they trust to serve as the guardian and conservator of their minor child if something should happen to both of them. We can prepare documents to ensure minor children are protected should an unfortunate situation occur.

Divorce, Remarriage or Death of a Spouse: Even a well considered estate plan is altered when there is a change to a marital situation. Powers of attorney as well as disposition of property may need to be revised. We can work with you as these changes in your life situation occur.

Illness and Incapacity: When a loved one gets a diagnosis of dementia or a serious illness, plans should be made to carry on his or her wishes to ensure financial health is maintained. Perhaps a successor trustee may need to be designated or a guardian appointed to make medical decisions. Situations differ and we can help.

Probate Avoidance: A couple may wish to avoid probating one or both of their estates. Many factors can affect the final disposition of property in an estate. A well-drafted trust, correct titling of property and the nomination of agents in powers of attorney can save time, money and stress when a death occurs. We can help identify your options.

What we do...

Estate Planning
  • Wills & Trusts
  • Charitable Gifts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Probate and Trust Administration
  • Guardianships & Conservatorships
Fiduciary Services
  • As a Guardian or Conservator
  • As Personal Representative
  • As Trustee

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