What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is an individual who takes care of the property or the needs of another. A fiduciary is a catch-all term for someone who serves in the capacity of a Trustee, a Personal Representative (executor), a Guardian, a Conservator or as Agent under powers of attorney. States vary in terminology and types of fiduciaries. In Arizona, fiduciaries may be public or private. Each county has a public fiduciary appointed to handle cases within that county. A private fiduciary is a non-family member who provides services for a fee. With a few exceptions, private fiduciaries must be licensed by the Arizona Supreme Court. Jan Bernardini is a licensed fiduciary and can provide the following services:
As Personal Representative: A Personal Represenative (also called Executor is some jurisdictions) manages the administration of a probate estate. If the person nominated as Personal Representative in a will cannot serve, or if no will exists, Jan can assist by serving as the Personal Representative of your loved one's estate.
As Guardian/Conservator: When an individual can no longer make reasonable decisions about his or her finances or medical care, the Court may be asked to appoint a Guardian or Conservator to provide assistance. A licensed fiduciary is sometimes nominated if there is no family member able to serve in one or both capacities. Jan can assist by serving as both guardian and conservator as the specific situation warrants.
As Trustee: A Trustee manages property held by a trust. When the Trustor is unable to serve or no longer wishes to serve as Trustee, our office is able to assist in the management of trust assets for the benefit of the Trustor, or in the administration and distribution of the trust if the Trustor is deceased.
As Agent under Power of Attorney: Under certain circumstances, Jan will serve as agent under a power of attorney.